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Asbestos poses a significant health risk. As leaders in the industry, we provide innovative solutions for asbestos abatement and encapsulation.

Slide Plaster board, Sheetrock Mud, Gypsum Compound, Tapers Mud, Mud Asbestos containing Drywall Joint Compound is common in many buildings in Canada. Asbestos fibers were commonly mixed onsite into the drywall mud, and content may vary significantly from location to location within the same structure. ! Use caution before disturbing drywall joint compound installed before 1989 ! DRYWALL JOINT

Slide Pipe fitting insulation, Mechanical Insulation, thermal pipe fitting, duct insulation, thermal insulation Asbestos was used extensively to insulate and fireproof pipe section and elbows in various facilities and some homes. Asbestos found on mechanical insulation tends to be of higher concentration and of more dangerous forms of asbestos ! Rounded plaster elbows, non fiberglass pipe insulation may be asbestos containing ! PIPE INSULATION

Slide Stippled Ceiling, Stipple, Stipple Coat Stippled, commonly referred to as "popcorn ceilings" are a common form of asbestos found in many older facilities and homes. Building occupants must take special care not to inadvertently damage the surface finish, which may be even more brittle over time, and release asbestos fibers. Do not scrape or remove a popcorn ceiling built before 1989 without confirming asbestos content POPCORN CEILINGS

Slide Asbestos Concrete Siding, Fibre Cement Siding, Transite Board, Transite Panel, Transite Shingles, Roofing Felt Various cementitious products including transite siding and shingles have previously been manufactured to contain asbestos fibers into the formulation of the product. Maintenance personnel must take care not to grind or saw the asbestos containing material. TRANSITE SIDING

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Slide Acoustic Plaster, Exterior Stucco, Lath and Plaster, Fox and Barret Interior plasters and exterior stucco have in the past been mixed on site or in plant to include various concentrations of asbestos fibers. Plaster in particular often exhibits wide variations in asbestos concentrations ! Use caution before disturbing plaster installed before 1989 ! PLASTER & STUCCO

Slide Zonolite Vermiculite was previously sold under a number of brands including Zonolite, as attic and wall insulation. The problem with this vermiculite was that it was contaminated with asbestos fibers due to where and how it was mined. The material was installed extensively as part of government energy retrofit programs into numerous homes. ! Do not enter attic spaces or disturb vermiculite without testing ! VERMICULITE

Slide Asbestos Sealing, Asbestos Management Abatement, or the removal of asbestos, is generally the long goal of most facilities. Encapsulation of asbestos containing materials is often an important strategy. Encapsulation can be immediately applied to mitigate risk and used as part of a comprehensive Asbestos Management Plant. ! Partnering reduces risk and ensures availability of critical services ! ASBESTOS

Slide Spray fireproofing, firestop Spray fireproofing often incorporated asbestos fibers as a primary ingredient in the product formulation. Taking advantage of the fire and mechanical properties of the fibers, this often high concentration material must be removed with care. ! Do not disturb, work, or modify any spray fireproofing until ensuring it does not contain asbestos ! SPRAY FIREPROOFING

Slide Drop Ceiling Tiles The ubiquitous acoustic tile found in so many office buildings and facilities was often formulated with asbestos fibers. ! Do not open ceiling grid, brake, or modify possible asbestos containing ceiling tiles ! ACOUSTIC

Slide Asbestos Management Program, Maintenance Plan Due to the scale of asbestos contaminated materials often present, and other considerations, the management of asbestos containing materials over time is often required. Asbex works in partnership with customers to ensure that an asbestos management plan can be implemented quickly and ensure it is adaptive to circumstance and the changing requirements of the building. ! Partnering reduces risk and ensures availability of critical services ! ASBESTOS

Slide Black Mastic, Acm, Asbestos Insulation, Asbestos-containing Debris, Asbestos Dust, Asbestos Containing Caulking, Parging Cement, Texture Finish, Vinyl Asbestos Tile, Asbestos Flooring, Vinyl Floor Tile The range of building and manufactured products that contained asbestos is incredibly wide. Products ranging from insulation, cementitious, decorative, floor tiles, and many more incorporated asbestos into their manufacturing in various concentrations. ! Use extreme caution in buildings built before 1989 as their materials may contain asbestos. Some later examples into the 90's may also be found in Canada. ! MISCELLANEOUS ACM