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Asbestos poses a significant health risk. As leaders in the industry, we provide innovative solutions for asbestos abatement and encapsulation.

Slide Air Decontamination When construction incidents or disasters occur, entire buildings can be contaminated. ! Large scale contamination events may not be immediately evident. Many hazards including asbestos may not be visible to the naked eye ! WHOLE BUILDING

Slide Facility Decommissioning When a priceless collection of records, artifacts, or any collection of value is impacted by contamination expertise is required to carefully clean, decontaminate, and document in order to reduce loss and impact. ! Ensuring prompt and appropriate interventions is key to protecting valuables ! BUILDING CONTENTS

Slide Vaulables Disinfecting Damage to contents is often a key concern for the insured. Ensuring personal property is cared for is key to the service. ! Ensuring prompt and appropriate interventions is key to protecting valuables ! VALUABLES

Slide Post-Build Cleaning, Final Cleaning Weeks, months, or years of hardwork can be undone by a lack of attention to post construction cleaning. Proper cleaning helps to prevent costly rework and helps ensures that the client only focuses on the built project. ! Poor housekeeping can undo years of good construction ! POST CONSTRUCTION

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Slide Commercial cleaning services Cleaning is a never-ending but important task for any facility, and it is essential to maintaining a healthy and productive environment. ! Hygiene standards are increasing every year, don't play with the minimum ! FACILITY

Slide Gun Range, Gun Club, Shooting Range, Armory Firing ranges are important to users including law enforcement, military, manufacturing, and civilan users. Cleaning and decontaminating shooting ranges requires special care and equipment to mitigate the heavy metal and flammable dust risk. ! Use caution with ignitable solids ! FIRING RANGE

Slide Facility Decommissioning Every building or facility eventually comes to the end of its useful and serviceable life. Decommissioning successfully should ensure a smooth and safe transition. ! Decommissioning is often more expensive than planned ! BUILDING

Slide Industrial Manufacturing Plant Decommission, Site Decommissioning Heavy industrial facilities have unique requirements and careful planning is required to ensure decommissioning activities are safe, cost effective, and timely. ! Large facilities generally require large teams ! HEAVY INDUSTRIAL

Slide Patient Safety cleaning Similar to measures used to prevent the spread of dangerous chemicals, a successfull infection control program can be supported by our technicians and their equipment. ! In this new era, don't go it alone ! INFECTION CONTROL

Slide Coronavirus, Corona, Covid, Sars-cov-2, 2019-ncov Acute Respiratory Disease, Novel Coronavirus Relying on our hazardous materials training, experience, and equipment we offer cleaning solutions for the Coronavirus pandemic. From containment, prevention, and reaction. ! Diligence is needed every day as we all fight coronavirus together ! COVID-19