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Toxic Mould is defined as a large concentration of mould within a structure. Serious microbial growth can occur when moisture makes contact with susceptible building materials.

Slide IAQ Indoor air quality is an important and growing concern for many building occupants. ! Indoor Air Quality is one of the fastest growing areas of concern for building occupants. INDOOR AIR QUALITY

Slide Mold, Mould, Mold Removal, Mould Removal Toxic mould can form nearly anywhere if given the right variables including moisture and a food source. Toxic mould has been shown to be a significant hazard to various building users, particularly those with suppressed immune systems. Mould removal involves the removal of the mould and followup repairs to ensure the environmental that created the mold does not reoccur. ! Mould, if not properly abated, may cause serious harm ! MOULD REMEDIATION

Slide Anti Mould, Anti Mold Anti-fungal and anti-mould products can be applied in concern areas as part of a comprehensive mould management program. ! An ounce of mould prevention is worth a pound of cure ! MOULD PREVENTION

Slide Dry Ice, Cold Jet, Ice Tech, Media Blasting, Mobile Dry Ice Blasting Dry Ice blasting uses pellets of frozen CO2 to ablate the surface and remove a variety of coatings including mould contamination. For certain kinds of mould removal, other forms of media blasting may be used. ! All blasting techniques require careful containment measures to prevent the creation of a hazard, DRY ICE &

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Slide New Construction, New Build The growth of mould at new home and new build sites is not uncommon and is usually the result of either weather infiltration and or trade related issues. With careful attention to remove the growth and ensure the enabling conditions are resolved, the owner can be assured of the safety and value of their property. ! Indoor Air Quality is one of the fastest growing areas of concern for building occupants. NEW HOMES SERVICE

Slide Furnace Cleaning, Duct Cleaning Mould and indoor air concerns are often connected with the distribution of conditioned air through the HVAC system of the building. Ensuring this system is operating optimally and is cleaned regularly ensures high quality air distribution. ! HVAC distributes air and contaminates ! HVAC SYSTEM

Slide Filter Cleaning Large mechanical air handling units found in various systems, including industry and health care, often require intensive cleaning to ensure safety and proper functioning. ! Frequent cleaning of industrial and medical air handling units are essential for safety and continued operation ! AIR HANDLING

Slide Fungus Removal Microbial growth of various kinds can occur in the built environment. Even when this growth does not pose a health risk, it is a concern for building owners and users concerned with safety and value. ! Microbial spores and fungus can irritate the lungs of building occupants ! MICROBIAL GROWTH

Slide Efluorescence removal Effluorescense often forms on concrete creating concerns and quality issues for owners. ! Indoor Air Quality is one of the fastest growing areas of concern for building occupants ! CONCRETE CLEANING

Slide Green Mould, Green Mold, Black Mould, Black Mold, Moldy, Mouldy The formation of mold and mildew is a natural consequence of building operation over time. With periodic cleaning, mildew can easily be kept at bay. ! Mold and mildew that isn't addressed will almost always grow !