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Asbestos poses a significant health risk. As leaders in the industry, we provide innovative solutions for asbestos abatement and encapsulation.

Slide Lead Remediation Despite it's known toxicity, lead was used extensively in old paints and coatings due to its superior mechanical and chemical properties which made for long lasting, high quality paint coatings. Lead paint exposure is particullarly dangerous for the development of young children. LEAD PAINT REMOVAL

Slide Lead Dust Removal, Lead Dust Containment Lead dust can be found in many manufacturing environments and as a by product of failed lead paint in many facilities and homes. Lead dust poses significant hazard to building occupants and tradespeople. Lead dust exposure is dangerous for young children, immunosuppressed. LEAD DUST CLEANUP

Slide Toxic Metals, Cadmium Heavy metals including mercury and cadmium are often present in manufacturing and industrial environments. ! Heavy metal exposure can cause a variety of serious neurological issues. ! MERCURY

Slide PCBs Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a group of manmade chemicals. They are oily liquids or solids, clear to yellow in color, with no smell or taste. PCBs are very stable mixtures that are resistant to extreme temperature and pressure. PCBs were used widely in electrical equipment like capacitors and transformers. Paint and coatings were also formulated to contain PCBs. Maintenance personnel must take care not to grind or saw the asbestos containing material. PCB & PCB PAINT

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Slide Bird Poop, Animal Poop, Bat Guano, Rat Droppings, Animal Waste Animal excrement, guano, and bird poop can pose significant hazards to human health despite their "natural" origin. In some cases, animal excrement may amass into large piles which are immediately dangerous to human health. ! Exposure to animal waste carries numerous hazards including histoplasmosis. ! ANIMAL EXCREMENT

Slide HAZMAT Spill, Contaminated soil disposal, Contaminated water extraction and disposal Innumerable different formulations and chemicals are commonly used at home and in industry. Depending on the particular chemical, and its concentration, it may present a danger to human health. ! Unknown chemical agents alone, or in combination, pose a serious hazard ! CHEMICAL SPILLS

Slide Combustible Dust,Silica Dust Silica dust is a common by product of general construction and is frequently present. Combustible dusts present an immediate risk to life and health. ! Hazardous dusts can contaminate buildings and equipment, requiring mitigation ! HAZARDOUS DUST

Slide Fluorescent Tubes, PCBs, Tube Light, Electronic Ballasts, fluorescent light ballasts Your average fluorescent lighting tube contains a significant amount of hazardous material, multiply that by hundreds or thousands of fixtures and you have a hazard that needs to be carefully disposed of. ! Despite being common in homes and businesses, Fluorescent tubes, ballasts, CFL pose a real exposure risk if broken. ! LIGHTING TUBES

Slide Lab Hoods, Fume Hoods, Fume Exhaust, Fume Extracter Laboratory fume hoods and other fume extractors help keep operators and building occupants safe, yet they may accumulate dangerous concentrations of various hazardous chemicals or biological agents. ! Fume hoods may process a variety of hazardous substances ! LABORATORY FUME