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Asbestos poses a significant health risk. As leaders in the industry, we provide innovative solutions for asbestos abatement and encapsulation.

Slide Demolition, Demo Selective demolition allows for the dismantling and demolition of select sections or components of a building. Using many of the same techniques as hazardous removal, we can ensure that the selective demolition is dustless and unobtrusive. ! Improper demolition may result in the release of hazardous materials ! SELECTIVE DEMOLITION

Slide Concrete Coring, Dustless Coring Equipped with specialized HEPA attachment, the safe cutting and coring of asbestos containing materials can be accomplished. ! Not using HEPA attached equipment poses a serious dust hazard ! HEPA ATTACHED

Slide Dustless Drilling When operating in a building with asbestos, HEPA attached drilling offers the building operator a safe asbestos--or dust containment--option whereby a full containment or removal would be impractical. ! Not using HEPA attached equipment poses a serious dust hazard ! HEPA ATTACHED

Slide Soda Blasting We operate a broad range of sand and media blasting systems, each particularly suited to different applications. Maintenance personnel must take care not to grind or saw the asbestos containing material. SANDBLASTING

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Slide CO2 Blasting, Dry Ice Dry Ice blasting uses pellets of frozen CO2 to ablate the surface and remove a variety of coatings including mould contamination. ! Improper use of media blasting equipment may create a serious hazard ! DRY ICE BLASTING

Slide Tag Removal, Graffiti Removal, Graffiti Blasting, Graffiti Cleaning, Anti Graffiti The timely removal of graffiti is important in maintaining property value and discouraging additional tagging. A variety of paints and other chemicals are used to carry out graffiti and specialized equipment and expertise are required to not only remove the graffiti, but do so without leaving a shadow or damaging the substrate. ! Improper chemical selection, improper equipment selection may permanently damage the building facade ! GRAFFITI REMOVAL

Slide Construction Fencing When normal construction rental fencing won't due, especially for high profile and important jobs, custom Construction Hoarding is required. Effective hoarding protects the site, protects the public and meets strict aesthetic guidelines. CONSTRUCTION

Slide 24/7, Late Shift, Graveyard Shift We live in a 24 hour world, and we deliver our services 24 hours a day. We can help your operation keep up by working when you're not. AFTER-HOURS

Slide Disaster Cleanup, Incident Response, Emergency Decontamination When emergency cleanup of hazardous materials is required, we can quickly mobilize our large staff and provide emergency cleaning solutions. EMERGENCY CLEANUP

Slide Comprehensive Post Disaster Assistance When disaster strikes, you want the Asbex team on your side. Leveraging our team, experience and equipment, we will work with your team until the emergency is over. EMERGENCY SERVICES